Introducing Huunu V2.0 with Mobile, Gamification, and Internationalization.
Consensus Point is pleased to announce the launch of Huunu™ 2.0, the second version of our ground-breaking prediction market software platform.
The biggest upgrade was that Huunu™ 2.0 was re-developed using ‘responsive design,’ meaning it automatically adjusts to the screen size of the user – computer, tablet or cell phone. Secondly, it has also undergone ‘internationalization,’ meaning it can now be used virtually anywhere with a native left-to-right, Latin-based language, including Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, all English-speaking countries and most other countries around the world.
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Prediction Market Leader Consensus Point Launches Huunu™ 2.0
Includes Mobile and Multilingual Support

NASHVILLE, TN, July 24, 2014 – Consensus Point, an industry leader in Prediction Markets, has announced the launch of Huunu™ 2.0, the second version of their ground-breaking software platform.

Among many enhancements, the biggest was that Huunu™ 2.0 was re-developed using “responsive design”, meaning it automatically adjusts to the screen size of the user – computer, tablet or cell phone. Secondly, it has also undergone “internationalization” and can now be used virtually anywhere with a native left-to-right language, including Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, all English-speaking countries and most other countries around the world.

According to Linda Rebrovick, President and CEO of Consensus Point, “As the adoption of Prediction Market technology accelerates, Consensus Point continues to enhance our research methodology and platform. Huunu™ 2.0 was built with two groups in mind – one, existing clients who need mobile optimization and internationalization and two, those research firms and end users who haven’t yet tried prediction markets. The technology has been validated as reliable, fast and cost effective… so now, there are no reasons not to give it a try.”

Other Huunu™ 2.0 upgrades include enhancements to the gamification aspects of the platform, contextual help and improved handling of images and videos to enhance engagement and reliability.

According to Rebrovick, “Even with a 95% customer satisfaction rating, we cannot rest on our laurels. We continue to listen to our clients on ways to make Huunu™ better… and version 2.0 meets that need.”

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In case you weren’t able to attend – or if you just want a fresh perspective – here’s the first entry in an occasional series of posts that will provide you with our “snapshot view” of conferences, seminars, and other programs that might be of interest to followers of the Consensus Point blog and devotees of Huunu.  We brave airport security so you don’t have to!


Consensus Point gets Out of the Office 

2014 MRA Insights and Strategy Conference – June 4 – 6 – Chicago


Sponsored by the Market Research Association (MRA) – a premier organization that provides education/certification, career advancement, promotion, governmental advocacy, and networking opportunities for the market research profession – the annual Insights and Strategy (ISC) Conference drew hundreds of attendees to Chicago’s Hyatt Regency McCormick Place.  Attendees from virtually every “spoke” of the market research wheel (e.g., corporate researchers, independent supplier-side researchers, research analysts, research executives, and innovators) were well-represented.


In addition to providing participants with the opportunity to learn about industry innovations and trends, the three-day conference offered extensive opportunities to focus on:


  • Both basic and advanced MR technical skills,
  • Analytics and data synthesis, and
  • Developing or enhancing business integration and storytelling skills …


… the building blocks that help ensure that the research we request, design, conduct, or analyze provides optimal value to its end-users.


This year’s conference offered more than 30 hours of thought-provoking, engaging speakers who were selected through a process of competitive juried evaluation.  Thought Leaders comprising the diverse panel of keynote speakers at this year’s MRA ISC conference included Consensus Point’s own CEO, Linda Rebrovick.


Linda, along with Julie Wittes Schlack (SVP of Innovation at the global “consumer collaboration” enterprise, Communispace) hosted a joint presentation under the conference’s “Innovation” umbrella, entitled Unleashing the Power and Dynamics of Prediction Markets.  During their session, Linda and Julie explored the value of predictive market research within the context of the broader trend towards engaging gamification techniques for consumer collaboration.  In addition to providing a thumbnail history of the science and art of predictive market research, the presentation offered attendees a sneak peek at the critical role that predictive market research methodology technology will play globally over the next three years and beyond, within the larger scope of our industry’s future.



The audience seemed to find the discussion of specific case histories to be one of the most compelling parts of this well-attended presentation.  Linda and Julie used these case histories to illustrate how several of the largest global companies have used prediction market research in support of business objectives as diverse as prioritizing product features, honing new initiatives, and optimizing concepts, messaging, and promotions.  Julie provided fascinating in-depth detail about the ways that her own company Communispace, leverages Huunu – the research platform on which prediction market research is built – to yield “research on research” and client successes.


In addition to the Consensus Point’s presence among the keynote sessions, Consensus Point’s Henry Pile (Vice President of Sales and Marketing) and John Barrett (Vice President of Business Development) spent a productive and energetic several days engaging the crowd from the vantage point of their booth in the Vista Lounge.  The two offered onsite demos of Huunu technology, and discussed areas of interest that included employee markets, consumer studies, and ongoing prediction market projects with consumer enterprise companies and research companies alike.  After spending three days interacting with an enthusiastic crowd, Henry described participants’ general reaction to the predictive markets paradigm in very positive terms, stating, “MRA ISC is perfect. The crowd is not overwhelming in size or skewed to one type of research field, rather, a wide variety of researchers and supporting groups are easily accessible for multiple conversations that, while casual, are also meaningful. We walked away with new relationships and a list of potential clients. We couldn’t ask for anything more.”


For a copy of Linda’s MRA ISC presentation or for answers to any questions you may have about prediction markets research or the Huunu research platform, please email us at