To gain insights from consumer or business audiences, the Huunu prediction market research platform provides researchers with a simple and engaging way to tap into the knowledge of crowds while still offering fast turnaround for results.

The confidence shown in the quantitative outputs combined with the rich qualitative feedback from participants offers:

  • Increased speed in selecting ideas and determining which concepts are most desired by the market

  • Significantly reduced concept and ideation screening costs

  • Clearer differentiation among ideas

  • Validated prediction metrics

  • More engagement for respondents than traditional research methods

Huunu can help narrow down a list of ideas and concepts with the highest probabilities of success. The sophisticated methodology delivers the opportunity to discover a breakthrough idea while minimizing overstated purchase intent. Huunu’s self-selection methodology and real-time prediction score means the most knowledgeable participants are predicting with confidence. It’s simple; the right people are engaged on the right questions.

Huunu delivers results in a variety of applications and settings including:

  • Early/mid stage new product concept screening

  • Evaluation of positioning statements

  • Believability of stated claims

  • Evaluating naming conventions

  • Creative evaluation (all media types)

  • Tracking consumer reactions

  • What will be most successful in next two years

  • New trend identification

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