Early Stage New Show Idea Screening – Using 13 proposed show titles and a 2-sentence description of each, provided terrific differentiation across new ideas asking the question “If X network introduced this new show, will it be so popular with fans of reality TV that it will be renewed for a second season?” Winning concept got the “Green Light” for Summer 2017.

Trailer Concept Testing – Identified the best promotion based on the questions “Will this promotional ad motivate people to tune into this new show?” and “Will viewers know what this show will be about after seeing this promotional ad?”

Best New Show Names – Identified the best names for several new shows by asking the questions “Will the name XX motivate people to tune into this new show?” and “Will the name XX describe what people can expect to see in this show?” after participants saw a clip or read the show description.

Maximizing Audience – Defined which feature would drive the largest viewership to a new series with the question “What will motivate the most people watch this new show?” If all episodes are available on demand when it premiers or if there are limited commercial interruptions?

Advertising Sponsorship – “Which of these advertisers / sponsors is the “best fit” for this new made-for-TV movie?”

New Network Logo – Identified the best of 3 logos by asking questions like “Which of 3 logos will drive the most people to seek information about this new channel? and “Will this logo create an expectation of quality programming?” and “Will people think this logo is (simple, timeless, memorable, universal …?)

Content Marketing – “Will people believe that the character XX uses this product every day?” and “Which of these cars will most people think the character XX owns?”

Digital Messaging – For 8 potential terms in a digital click-box, “Will the term xxx yyy zzz motivate people to click the box to get additional information on that premium service?”

Competitive Opportunity – Given a recent shake-up at a cable news channel, “3 months from now, will the new show XX have a much larger audience than it does today?” (Did for all shows in the Prime-Time)

“B- list” Actors Potential – Asked of 9 B-list actors, “Will xx yy have a lead role in the next 3 years in a TV drama series?”

Outdoor Ads – “Will this ad motivate people to tune into XX?” and “Will this ad catch the attention of people long enough to read the message?”

New Show Predictions – “Will this show last more than one season?”

Scheduling – “Will viewers of XX on YY network continue to watch the YY network if the next show in the lineup is ZZ?”

OTT Development – prioritizing the content and features necessary to maximize subscriptions to a new OTT App using questions like “Will one year of archived programming motivate people to purchase this new App?”

Streaming Services – “If the show XXX was removed from HULU, where would fans go to watch the show?” (watch live, DVR, Youtube, network App, pirate version, etc.)

Morning Show Entertainment – Of 28 potential entertainment options for Friday morning summer concerts, “Will more people tune in to the XX morning show if (name of band) plays during the Friday summer concert series?”