Consensus Point provides next generation prediction market research for clients across all industries.  Using Huunu, our prediction market research and analytics platform, we capture the wisdom of a collective audience to uncover forward-looking outcomes for better business decisions.

We believe prediction markets are the best method to confirm unmet, unknown and unspoken consumer needs.

  • Will consumers value this new product?
  • Will millennials respond to this new claim?
  • How will different geographies react?
  • Which message drives click-through rates?
  • Which package design will excite the retailer?
  • Will prices go up in my category and by how much?

Our respondents become partners in predicting.  It’s behavioral science made simple.

  • Who raised their hand? “Judgment”
  • How quickly? “Emotion”
  • How high was it? “Confidence”
  • And exactly why? “Rationale”

Huunu’s technology combines crowd wisdom, research and a market game to deliver you results with a 92 percent accuracy rate, in less time and at a lower cost than traditional research. It’s an ideal way to get quantitative predictions and rich qualitative guidance at once.

Check out our applications for market research and employee and community research.